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Counting the dimples on my balls for fun.

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    "It's not much, but it's mine."

    I had it set up in the back yard, but the mat was so bouncy on top of grass that I got under one enough with the driver to drill it over the net, and ~50yrds into the park across the street (100yards total, slight draw, LOL). I don't think I found it but I did find 9 that some other shitty golfer in the neighborhood lost.


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      What is your guys average swing speed?


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        No clue.


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          Nearest as I can tell, on Driver I likely average high 80's. to low 90's. I CAN get in the mid 100's but that's not an average swing at all. I try to hit consistently and move shots around, then at the end I will stop aiming and hit 10 or so without regard to not totally shanking it, and just swing as fast as I can, the idea being to build that up, but not waste my time with it.


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            I hate my driver. Its way too fucking loud. I need hearing protection in the garage.


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              lol I can imagine.


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                open the door


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                  I can only crack it, if it was open I would hit it on an imperfect follow through.

                  I'll just get a G400 after I pay off the Launch monitor.


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                    OK flip. I have some real numbers for you. Averages over 500+ shots with driver, shitty shots included, and I was worn the fuck out by the end. Definitely peaked @~200 shots, then held, then taperd down to OK. Club speed is calculated and said to be low on bad shots, dead on compared to cheaper radars on good shots.

                    CH Speed: 92 MPH
                    Ball Speed: 132 MPH
                    Launch Anagle: 17*
                    Back Spin: 3605 RPM
                    Side Spin : -189 RPM (Draw)
                    Deviation from target: -14 yds (Draw)
                    Carry: 199 Yds
                    Total: 223 Yds

                    Most people using this unit say to disregard total and focus on carry as that will not vary due to turf conditions. IME the Totals I'm seeing aren't that far off what I've walked with a GPS.

                    Best Shot...

                    266 Carry

                    I had a streak of 104 ish clubhead speed with 250+ Carry. And I was keeping them relatively straight. before I got fatigued. That would be a great driver shot to end up with, we'll see.

                    I did a section where I slowed down and swing clean with less power and I was hitting my average numbers consistently.


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                      My best drive is around 225. The guy I was with said I could have got to maybe 250 if it wasn't wet.


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                        I was trying to understand the relationship between swing speed and distance. I know there are tons of other factors but just trying to figure out where I'm at.


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                          Yeah, the last round I played the ground was so soft they'd make a pitch mark in the fairway and bounce out backward, losing a few yards. It was actually pretty funny.

                          Do you know your swing speed?

                          From my numbers, swing speed != distance. It can, but I can swing a LOT slower and get the same distance when I hit better. My longest shots so far are coming with increased speed, but my 88MPH speed can easily best my 102 swings., and it will usually be more on target and just plain easier to perform consistently. Often my fast swings are prone to getting way too much back spin, where as my smooth swings are closer to 2000 RPM.

                          If you want to improve the most, I'd suggest a $15 roll of impact tape off amazon, get your grip "for sure" where you need it (check before you swing), and do some "woosh: drills to get your speed trained so it peaks at impact.

                          You know... or spend 2 grand on a launch monitor setup.

                          I also had to learn to hit up into the ball, which was more just setup and understanding why I was putting it forward and how my swing should arrive at the ball.


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                            If I get under the ball, I hit it nearly exactly the way I'd like. I rarely slice or hook. Maybe once over 36 holes. What I do more frequently is hit the top of the ball. On the driver, it will go maybe 8' in the air for a long way. On the other clubs, it goes maybe 6" in the air for 30' or so. What I want is some slo motion camera to see how I'm hitting the ball so I know better how to adjust my address. I think I'm not aligned correctly with the ball. Maybe it's too far back or something? I need to spend more time at the driving range with trial and error, working on one part at a time.

                            Most of the dimple impacts on my driver lead me to believe I'm hitting it in the middle of the club.


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                              A lot of what I read for fat or thin shots is it's often caused by swaying, consciously or not. For me, personally, I'm finding that a lot of it has to do with how I bend my knees or bend with my back rather than my hips. I'm starting to just barely bend my knees and tighten my core as evenly as I can and bend only at the hips. This is helping me with depth.

                              How long have you been golfing with any regularity? Sounds like you've got some good fundamentals.


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                                Do you get to hit off real grass at your range?