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  • I haven't seen spheperds pie outside of an Irish place.


    • Originally posted by Spider Monkey View Post
      Okay, I will give you the blues, but I'm not sure the originators considered themselves 'locals'. lol
      Nobody is local to where they are, except Africans.

      The music itself is local, though!

      Originally posted by IamDeMan View Post
      Fried chicken came from the same place as the shepherd pie. Much of the food considered "southern" came from the scotch-irish that settled the appalachian regions from which most 'Southern things' were born. Fried chicken just became a staple and blew up in the south. The Shepherds Pie did not blow up and become the same level of staple as Fried Chicken but it is common in many parts of the deep south and is known as Ameican Shephard Pie or Cottage Pie (some argue 'real' shepherd should be lamb not beef though). It is all the same thing though. Just through leftovers together in a pan, cover with taters and cheese and bake.

      Now the Blues and bead trading market may be southern originals. Damn fine originals they are.
      Huh .. TIL.